Paris Couture Fashion Week

In case you haven’t looked up in a while, the trees are blossoming… it’s spring! Nothing makes you feel like you’re in love with a city more than the blossoming of it — quite literally the trees flourishing everywhere…

It’s funny how the warm weather and bright florals popping up actually makes me want to wear white. All white. Like never before. And what dreamier setting than the cinematic backdrop of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom? You feel this bit of magic, that very moment when the breeze hits and flowers fly in the wind.

Only, when the weather is so perfect, all white can be problematic…

  • Don’t sit on the grass. Take your shoes off, enjoy nature and the fresh air! But, whatever you do, don’t let the temptation of that inviting patch of soft grass lure you in. Bring a picnic rug.
  • Don’t expect to eat. Hungry but wearing an all-white look? Fuhgeddaboutit. Say no to the guac, or BYO apron.
  • Leave fun in the past. Carefree and happy? More like cautious and paranoid. One smudge might ruin the look.

OR just enjoy the white for those few moments and then embrace a bit of filth because it’s sunny and who cares about a bit of dirt? There’s always Tide pens and good dry cleaners…

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