Pretty Bed Linen From France

He was pivotal in the creation of the “open floor plan” (which is kind of crazy to think didn’t exist as an idea even a century ago!), but what is perhaps most endearing was his dedication to urban planning – he was so progressive for his time that he was enthralled with looking at ways to sufficiently and beautifully home people as life moved away from the country and to urban centers.

But Le Corbusier didn’t just create pocket-sized apartments, he was thoughtful about space and his works are all pretty astounding and often visually striking. And he was thinking about this before many others, carving out the ideals of modern architecture before it existed!

Ok, so I could go on and on about him, but I should probably let you discover more about his work on your own! Or maybe you’re already a fan, too, and we can crush on his designs together?

Abbey Lee’s Mermaid Hair

Short hair and beanie is a bit of a conundrum.Ok, I know, I know… Garance does it well, but it hasn’t been such an easy learning curve for me. And my hair is that weird length where, when I put on said beanie, just spikey bits of hair come out the back with a vague look of a mullet. Not really the look I’m going for, and definitely not becoming!


We are going to continue with the blog as usual, because it’s the only thing we can do and we can’t let ourselves succumb to this.


But today, more than ever, I wanted to send you a message of love, of kindness, of brotherhood and peace. In my name, and on behalf of my team.


I want to send you light and warmth, because we will never be able to make sense of the horror.

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